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GOLD COAST Personal Training ServiceS



One-on-one training (45 minutes)


Your Personal Trainer will work closely with you to assess your fitness level, design a suitable program and guide you to reach your fitness goals.


For further details on One on One Personal Training please do not hesitate to contact us.

One on One Personal Training with Total Physique Personal Training


One-on-Two training (Train with a Friend - 50 minutes)


Partner sessions with your Personal Trainer are a great way to get fit with a partner or friend! We know not everyone is the same, that's why our session will provide a completely individualised program for you. You'll receive highly personalised training, giving you the benefits of one-on-one training, but at half the cost.


For further details on One on Two Personal Training please do not hesitate to contact us.

One-on-Two training



Nutritional Planning


Our Nutritional planning Program is designed to identify key areas in your life which could be enhanced in order to give you better results from your exercise program, give you more energy, improve your vitality and increase the performance of your body.

Total Physique Training sessions cover area of:

  • Cardio training - get fit and maximise your energy burning with our fast, effective workouts
  • Strength training - tone, firm and shape your body without looking bulky
  • Nutrition - we have a common sense approach for healthy eating and realistic weight loss
  • Core and flexibility - get a firm, flat stomach, find your six pack, or simply touch your toes!
  • Motivation and fun - have great fun and stay motivated with a Personal Trainer
Train in our private and fully equipped training studio , at you home or train outdoors to get some sunshine and fresh air!

Contact Total Physique Personal Training today to find out about our various training packages and payment options.


Nutritional Planning